One of the best holiday I’ve ever had in 2008! This city beat 130 other European cities to gain first place in European Tourism City of the Year in June 2007. In this cute little town, they’re not about cheesy tourist story but a true heritage. The city has so many unique views hidden in every corner of the street. It like a treasure game where you wondering around for a gems after gems.


It took about two hours to York from Rochdale, Manchester. The trip started with a 12th century church, Rochdale Parish Church St.Chad’s, where I had breakfast and took some pictures with the first Co-Op of the UK.


Then I jumped on the train, after about an hour, I stop at Leed and did some sight seeing. I went to Harvey Nichols’s sale season. What I found in Harvey Nic’s sale was a lovely shoes from Dries Van Noten and it was very cheap, something that wouldn’t left in the sale in London!


In York, I spent an hour looking for a lovely hotel to stay and end up with one little cute B&B hotel that had picture of a lovely cat at the window, I knew right away this is the place I want to stay ;-)) A time in York was so lovely. It has so many cute little boutiques and a lot of things to see and taste. Basically we spent a lot of time explore from day to night. What’s a lovely life!

The hi-light of the town would be the Minster itself. It is one of the largest gothic styles cathedral in Northern Europe alongside Cologne Cathedral. York minster resurrected so many time from destroying since 627AD. It took half of a century to made it today. This cathedral has been there as a house of god for over 1,000 years! What a history!


Inside the Minster is so much bigger than the outside. The building contained the biggest stain glass window in European and the hall were designed with high ceiling. There are statues of English Kings decorated on the wall while all the statues of angels and saints are beheaded as a result of King Henry VIII turned England into Protestant.





After the Minster, I went for a long walk along the city wall. I also visited the old king castle site that today nothing more than a crumble of a rock.



The last night in York was mainly about bitter and wine. I did pretty well went in and out many pub, drank lots of wines and beers.


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