I’m not in Tokyo at this time but am in Sendai and Kobe. Here Cherry blossom are everywhere for about a week to enjoy in April. This was a chance to experience some authentic Japanese apart from manga and Harajuku girls.

We stay in very nice and traditional hotel and yes it has a hot spring here. So basically life here apart from working with fashion shooting for Honeymoon & Travel, it is about sight seeing around town, relaxing in hot spring and yes having a big Japanese feat most of the meal!


The food we have here are much more a surprise. Every evening at the hotel they always serve some kind of feat to us (am already forgot what it called in Japanese). It had all kind of Japanese food you could imagine including ‘uni’ or Sea Urchin  (I must say I don’t really like it, but well I’m not a raw food lover anyway). So every dinner, food will start serve one after another (sure lot of Sake too) for over two and a half hours. It absolutely made me felt like a KING!!!!!




I also had a chance to try fresh young Sake that not look like Sake but MILK in Sendai.. It has very sweet taste with a strong alcohol. I must confess I’m not enjoy that much would prefer a normal Sake to drink than sweet alcohol!

And when am in Kobe, What else could it be but try the best beef in Japan and I want to assure you all.. IT THE BEST BEEF I’VE EVER TRY! and everyone should try when you are there.



At the very last day we stop by doing some shopping and I brought some interesting stuffs from Issey Miyake and Comme Des Garçon (there are pretty much cheap in here compare to Bangkok and London, I mean quite reasonably price here) before pack our bags and head to the airport. And I hope in very very near future I be back there in Japan real soon.

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