Iran might not be the ideal place for many people, especially Westerners, to visit, but for me it was the opportunity of a life time! It was a trip for Honeymoon & Travel. Me and crew weren’t sure what to expect in Iran.


I was in Iran in 2008 when there so much negative press, so everyone wasn’t sure whether is was safe or not to go there. But while we were there everything seem calm and normal, nothing like the news.


The only thing I wasn’t keen on was the food. Well, I just don’t like Middle-eastern and India food, and also Chinese food. I mean Chinese food in China, as it’s just too oily for me. I’m okay with Chinese food in Thailand as it’s not as oily.


We went to a small village and visited an old mansion in Kashan. Some people wore Persian clothes mixed with Islamic clothes.



The most beautiful thing I saw during the trip was the Mosque in Isfahan. It’s one of the most stunning places I’ve ever been! Even though it was being renovated. The building was huge and simply beautiful.



After shooting some pictures at the mosque, we did some shopping in the square in front of the mosque. I bought a Persian rug and lots of Persian tote bags – all of them very colourful and beautifully decorated.


If I have another chance to go to Iran I would love to go to Persepolis, Mesopotamia. I felt very sad that we only had 10 days in Iran – not enough time by far. So I wish to return some day.

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