I’ve been quite busy with work for the past few weeks. Sorry Shane that I didn’t update my blog, but thanks for giving me a kick-start. This is second trip aboard in 2 months. It couldn’t be anywhere else but England, and this time I’m heading for the North!


Having English breakfast in the morning, bitter in the afternoon, and wine at night. Every single day I feel fatter and fatter!!!

I’ve been going to the oldest wine bar in London ‘Gordon’s Wine Bar‘. It’s between Embankment and Charing Cross train stations. I really like the rotten feel inside, as it makes me feel like I’m in a Harry Potter movie having butter beer ;-))


After spending a few days wondering around London, visiting museums and galleries, and going to the theatre I’m now in the North. A few days in Manchester before stopping in Bury for breakfast, then the sweet shop  in Ramsbottom, Lancashire, on the way to Blackpool.


With our pockets stuffed with sweets we headed to the tourist hotspot of Blackpool. We had a lot of fun at the Pleasure Beach. Rode the PEPSI MAX rollercoaster, after queueing for an hour – a long time but worth the wait!




Before driving up to the Lake we had a Fish & Chips supper on the seafront in Fleetwood (north of Blackpool). It seemed like a good idea, but wind was so strong and cold, and our suppers went cold very quickly. So we had to find shelter behind some wall to keep us and the supper warm. Then enjoyed an amazing sunset.



And that was our day in Blackpool.  Then we headed to the Lake District!

To be continued …

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