After our adventure in Lake District, now it’s time for the next part of our journey, and this time ‘We’re gonna catch Nessie!!!’

On the way up to Loch Ness we drove through a mountain pass called Glen Coe. The scenery was outstanding. I feel like Frodo or Harry Potter from the movies!



We stopped for lunch in Fort William on the way to Drumnarochit. After lunch, we walked around town and did a bit of shopping. I bought one cheap woolen jumper. While my friends just walked round and tried on kilts.


And here we are in Drumnarochit, next to Loch Ness. We found Nessie paddling around in a small pond next to the visitors’ centre, not very hard to catch after all. ;-))


We stayed in a small bunk house where we had our kitchen to cook our breakfast and dinner. The town is very cute and so small. I suspect that everyone in this town must know everyone else, and say something like ‘Hello Mrs McDoodle. How are you this morning? How’s wee Angus? How’s your sheep today. ;-p ‘


We enjoyed walking around this cute little town, and drinking bitter and whisky at the local pub at night. The walk from the pub was a wee bit eerie! very dark and deadly quite. I think people go to bed here very early.


The best thing here is Loch Ness itself. We set off on a quest along the lake looking for Nessie, hoping to take a snap should we see him/her. And you know what? We got lucky!!!!!



At the lake’s edge, not only did we find one Nessie, but I also found Monster Donald and his girlfriend :-)) There was a swan and a couple of duckies swimming on the lake. Well, If you don’t pay too much attention they could be real Nessies. Perhaps those famous Nessie pictures are just swans after all. Our stop at Loch Ness ended here, next stop Edinburgh.


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