laos temple

Laos is like Thailand’s brother. Even though we speak different languages, they pretty much sound the same and I can guess the meaning. I believe our languages come from the same root.

laos temple

We arrived in Vientiane in the morning when everything was calm and peaceful. The work started right away at the temples around the city. The temples here look absolutely stunning. They’re very old and very beautiful, like some kind of idyllic oriental retreats.

vientiane temple


After many shots around the temples, we took some photos around the Victory Monument (Laos Arc de Triomphe). I noticed that people in Laos are very friendly and relaxed all the time.

I got the feeling that it would be a perfect place for someone who wants a quite life. They would find Laos to be heaven on earth.

laos cat

In the night after the shooting we had a wonder around town to get a feeling to the place, and found out that a lot of teenagers go to a place called ‘Center Point’ just to have some hot soya milk and chat with their friends. How cute is that? This wouldn’t happen in Bangkok for sure. The kids in Bangkok prefer beers and cocktails to soya milk.

vientiane centerpoint

The magazine has already come out and I hope everyone loves the fashion pictures.

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